Fixed Income and Currencies (FIC) IT Support DevOps
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • You will be part of the scrum / devOps teams of our technology department. Your team manages mainly production requests and issues coming directly from trading and sales desks located in Asia;
  • the team also and delivers business enhancement and bug fixes in 2 weeks cycle for on global systems for Asia business.

  • We are looking for talents who has with some prior experience in software development while possesses skills that can perform support tasks for our forex electronic market marking systems;
  • individuals who has worked previously in platforms or ECNs which provides the experience on how eCommerce works in banks and liquidity providers is a plus.

    Successful candidate should be competent technically while has strong communication skills; Knowledge on FIX protocol is an advantage to the factor for success.

    It would be also ideal that the candidate has a good knowledge on Fore products.

    You may consider this opportunity with Societe Generale if you are creative in solving problems; promotes collaboration with teammates and business users, client focused, and able to provide constant attention in order to meet changing and evolving business needs.

    We believe that human capital is our important assets and is the direct linked to our success, that is why we respect and appreciate everyone’s commitment, innovations and contributions to Societe Generale.

  • You enjoy learning and solving complex issues;
  • You are excited by the idea that you will have many things to learn and not worried by it;
  • You are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow.
  • You are very motivated by customer satisfaction and enjoy building / supporting quality software at the same time.
  • The Role

    Contribute actively to the support and development of our Forex platforms

  • Manages users’ requests and incidents flows by gathering the information from the different communication channels (trading floor live interaction;
  • phone; other). Deliver IT Support services relying on ITIL framework and core processes.

  • Leads investigations to resolve problems independently, have the technical ability to troubleshoot and debug code, search log files.
  • Will have strong UNIX, SQL and scripting skills to check system errors, generate reports, automate monitoring, detect errors, participate with the DEV in building solutions or improving the core chain used by the business activity.

  • Seeks feedback on escalated problems to follow up and update the end users. Liaise with other teams to consider clients’ needs / expectations / issues.
  • Organize and lead follow-up meeting with different parties (users and partners). Formalizes problems and escalates to the next level of support or global teams when need be.

  • Uses technical skills to assist in building effective monitoring systems by using the information system’s monitoring tools.
  • Ensures tools are in line with our needs and takes initiatives to improve their efficiency. Engage and improve the Follow-the-Sun model and leverage on our global setup working closely with our Paris and New York offices.

  • Estimates the risks and opportunities in our day to day job and take initiatives to reduce the risks and improve our efficiency.
  • Provides support to other peers when necessary and train the new joiners on the perimeter.

  • Gather business requirement and work with Paris development team to refine, and design the best solution, perform User Acceptance Testing and deliver feature in production
  • Profile required

    Profile Requirements :

  • At least 3 years of Prior support experience in relevant fields (electronic market marking systems in banks, vendors like brokers, platforms)
  • Strong technical background (databases, unix, middleware) with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Good level of programming skills (C#, Python)
  • Knowledge on Monitoring system like ITRS Geneos
  • Functional knowledge in Fixed Income or FX products
  • Knowledge on FIX protocol is a plus
  • Software development capability or interest in software development is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills at business writing level
  • Ability to find solutions for challenging, time-critical problems
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new environment and knowledge
  • Behavioral Skills :

  • Client - Understanding and Respect : I listen to clients and colleagues in order to understand and anticipate their needs
  • Team Spirit - Synergies : I make cooperation with colleagues in and outside my team a priority
  • Innovation - Simplification : I make things & ideas simple
  • Responsibility - Risk awareness : I am constantly on the lookout for risks
  • Commitment - Sustainability : I strive to develop my skills and knowledge
  • Business insight

    Company Description :

    Societe Generale is one of the leading European financial services groups. Founded in 1864, we have been playing a vital role in the economy for over 150 years.

    With more than 148,000 employees based in 76 countries worldwide, we accompany 32 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis.

    Based on a diversified universal banking model, the Group combines financial strength with a strategy of sustainable growth.

    Our expertise in the Asia Pacific region ranges from Corporate & Investment Banking (Advisory, Financing and Global Markets) to Asset Management, Securities Services, Trade Finance and Cash Management Services.

    Leveraging on our formidable global footprint, we serve corporates, financial institutions and the public sector. With our regional headquarters in Hong Kong, we operate in 11 countries across Asia Pacific, employing over 6,600 employees.

    You can find us in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney and other locations in the region.

    Department Description :

    GBIS is the Corporate and Investment Banking arm of the Société Générale Group. Present in over 50 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

    GBIS provides corporate, financial institutions, investors and public sector clients with value-added integrated financial solutions.

    As a successful candidate, you will join the group of feature teams responsible for building and support of Foreign Exchange global system solutions.

    You will focus primarily on the FIC FX vanilla chain, where the group has important business development ambitions in Asia.

    Your main objective will be to partner with Front and Middle office user of FX activities and support and enhance their information systems.

    He / she You will start with providing functional and technical support, then perform simple bug fix and deliver simple features at a later stage.

    A strong emphasis will be put on building a close relationship with the team stakeholders (Sales, Traders, Middle office), in order to support their day to day needs and grasp how technology can help grow the franchise.

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