Director, Financial Sponsor Coverage - Asia
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Commercial responsibilities
  • Identify business opportunities that have significant potential for the organisation
  • Understand / anticipate Sponsors’ needs in Asia and strategy and share knowledge will all relevant business lines
  • Give business lines access to clients’ Financial decision makers
  • According to their stated requirements, direct Sponsor clients to appropriate business lines specialists
  • Establish and foster a relationship of trust with each client from Head of Capital Markets to Partners, Head of verticals, CFO / CEO levels
  • Act as the favourite point of contact for the institution and monitor / be aware of all contacts initiated by business lines
  • Business development
  • Implementation of the Bank’s commercial strategy on each client for which the Banker has responsibility
  • Develop detailed client plans to establish pipeline opportunities / priorities for resource planning, overall attractiveness of clients and capital allocation
  • Promotion and cross-selling of business lines across the entire SG Group
  • Increase share of accessible wallet and maintain RGCP above target levels
  • Implementation of regulatory changes when applicable on the client’s portfolio
  • Budget and reporting
  • Development of a plan and management of an annual budget on the client’s portfolio
  • Setting the commercial priorities and active involvement in the monitoring of associated elements to the budget
  • Capital utilisation and management of business line risk / return profile, RWAs and liquidity + forecasting
  • Improvement of the operational efficiency (costs, use of resources, etc)
  • Review of reporting provided from finance department covering key operating parameters with particular focus on NBI, RGCP and allocation of scarce resources
  • Credit and Operational risks
  • Prime responsibility for managing and controlling credit counterparty risk in liaison with CRE and RISQ
  • Ensure that counterparties are properly internally rated in line with their credit profile
  • Full involvement in all credit related topics around the client’s portfolio either on regular management of files or discussion of more difficult files (Watch list, )
  • In line with SG policies, but not limited to, ensure monitoring of potential regulatory risk, fraud risk, execution errors and possible commercial disputes with clients or other parties
  • Conduct Risk & Regulatory responsibilities
  • Monitoring of operational and conduct risks across the client’s portfolio
  • Ensure compliance with policies, procedures in the management of the clients’ relationships
  • Ensure timely intervention when breaches occur and analysis of root causes to avoid repeated issues.
  • Ensure reasonable steps are taken to be fully aware of, understand and comply with all regulatory requirements from all regulatory bodies that are applicable for the Financial Sponsors activity
  • Contribute to the improvement of Conduct Risk framework and ensure that actions deriving from conduct risk management information are taken forward
  • Duty of care
  • Ensure that confidentiality is kept on all client sensitive matters
  • By using all relevant compliance tools when necessary (Chinese Wall, Gilt list, )
  • Follow thoroughly all KYC requirements, for existing clients or prospect
  • Team working
  • Embody Code of Conduct and behavioural competency
  • Actively works to develop staff and make people grow in the organization
  • Promote sharing of expertise and learning with junior members of the team
  • Strictly applies HR policies and processes (objective settings, annual appraisal, development plan)
  • Promote a strong culture of compliance within GLBA
  • Resource Management
  • Responsible for liaising with HR, Head of FSC and GLBA / DIR / APAC in relation to junior staff compensation, local promotions and consultation during right-sizing of the FSC team in Asia .
  • Ensuring relevant junior teams are appropriately managed and adequately supervised and controlled (including defining clear goals and priorities for junior members of the team).
  • Co-managing business line junior staff (including submitting proposals for recruitment training, career management and compensation).
  • Co-development of junior staff (i.e. having a growth plan, filling in products gaps, upgrading as necessary).
  • Ensuring job descriptions exist, individual appraisals are carried out and objectives are in place.
  • Profile required

    Competencies And Work Experience

    FSC role :

  • Significant coverage / origination experience, with FSC clients.
  • Demonstrable network of clients at top level (CEO, Chairman).
  • Investment Banking expertise - i.e. structured finance, ECM, DCM, M&A, Asset-Backed Products ( ABP ).
  • Need to know how to review projections / LBO models.
  • Able to review legal contracts, SPAs and how they reflect a commercial agreement; knowledge of takeover code / regulatory / procedures.
  • Build an effective coverage capacity for PE, Infra, Real Estate and ABP.
  • Actively work to develop junior staff and make people grow in the organization.
  • Detect and accompany talent and actively contribute to succession plans.
  • Promote sharing of expertise and learning.
  • Transmit knowledge and know-how.
  • Understand risks of business and relevant regulatory framework.
  • Vision for developing the business.
  • The following additional competencies are also required :

    Ethics / regulatory requirements

  • To set an example and demonstrate leadership in respect of risk awareness, conduct, behavioural and compliance culture matters;
  • ensure the embedding of a positive culture of compliance within your perimeter and demonstrating more generally doing the right thing’, with internal SG stakeholders, as well as to clients and markets with which your perimeter is engaged, to lead to the right outcomes in all material respects

  • Respects rules to protect firm’s interests whilst actively seeking sustainable growth for the client
  • Pays attention to risk of breach of professional or business ethics
  • Acts to protect the firm’s and clients’ reputations
  • Is knowledgeable about the Risk & Compliance rules of the activity
  • Awareness and compliant with firm’s regulatory policies : including inter alia Insider information management, Chinese wall, Clear desk policies, personal investment policy, email classification, contact with investment research;
  • Gift and entertainment policy, use of disclaimers in pitches or documents.

    Risk culture

  • Has good knowledge on major risks related topics : credit, operational, reputational, compliance
  • Strictly respects internal procedures (KYC, Onboarding, Credit Work Flow etc)
  • Qualifications required or desirable

  • University : MBA level
  • Qualifications : to be certified in HK
  • Experience : Must have dealt with Financial Sponsors in previous position(s), as Coverage Banker or in Business Line
  • Business insight

    Global Banking and Advisory (GLBA) combines a recognized wholesale coverage with world-class product, financing and advisory expertise within one team, enabling us to best support our clients.

    GLBA platform is worldwide with expert teams across France and Europe, the CEEMEA region, the Americas and Asia, leveraging local client and regulatory insight within a global GLBA business framework to drive domestic, international and cross-border business, recognising the global nature of our clients

    FSC Asia - to provide investment banking services to Asia-based strategic and target Financial Sponsor clients (local Sponsors and global Sponsors based in Asia).

  • Main products will include acquisition / leverage finance and structured finance to portfolio companies (AFG, , corporate advisory and hedging, collateralized financing;
  • and more broadly all products and services offered by Société Générale Group).

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